Heads (1987-present)

I’ve always thought about the face as the shortest and most intense text to catch the time. In fact, it is enough to see an eye or the corner of a mouth carved out of stone piece, in order to determine the age or even provenance of a sculpture. With such a key fragment of the figure, I’ve built numerous series from 1987, developing very diverse ideas in each of them.

Different collections were shown in two exhibitions. One, entitled Very Spanish heads (Cabezas muy españolas) presented at Galería Estampa in Madrid. It brought together several series (Orators, Martyrs, Smokers and Accidents [1987-88], Natural History [1989], Collection 1908-1948 [1989]). When I finished all of these series, I unconsciously discovered that I had developed a “journey” all through the History of Spanish Sculpture via the subject of the head. The other exhibition, entitled Face to face, was presented at Palacio de Los Serranos (Ávila) and at the Spanish Academy in Rome. The included series were History of Physiognomy, 12 workers looking for a leader, Historical but anonymous characters, Happy crazy men with their record, Skins.