Eclectic figures

Under this group I include several series of small bronze standing figures (35-40 cm), in which I tried to represent the human body with no obvious deformities. The first of them, made at the same time as Obelisks, were the Olympics (1979), exhibited at the Galería Bética in Madrid. They were followed by Neoclassicals, which dramatized ambiguous stagings inspired in the figures that accompanied the clocks of the Imperial Period. This series was exhibited at Galería Vijande in Madrid (1984), together with the large format series Figures in the light. Another of these series was Mortal Remains (1992), about the collapsed figure of the crucified, which was shown at Galería Estampa in Madrid, with a second version at Galería Saro León in Las Palmas.

Perseo and Andrómeda