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Quotidian reconstructions and Wardrobe (2001-2002)

Quotidian reconstructions (2001-02) is a group of fragments of life-sized bodies, made in paraffin and simulating archeological remains. With these set of pieces I reconstructed possible figures with which I created scenes with one, two or three characters. I then photographed them with the aim of forming an archive of these scenes which only existed for few instants. The starting point for these compositions was always the torso, an “action knot” to which I inserted the head and limbs so to create possible poses, the figures complemented each other building up ambiguous quotidian actions of a present day. The final piece at the exhibition showed the fragments inside a grid of an archeological site accompanied by a projection of the pictures taken. This work, altogether with the project Wardrobe and a selection of the photographic archive shot between 1968-2002 (read  Photography”) was exhibited at the Swiss Box at the Centro Conde Duque of Madrid (2002) with the title: The atelier: theater of operations. 

Wardrobe (2001-02) is a collection of costume design, made in colored thermoplastic, and which was exhibited forming groups with window dressing strategies. It was also accompanied by a double projection of pictures taken all through the elaboration of this series at my atelier. A projection over the floor reproduces what it happened randomly in my atelier by the accumulation of waste fragments; and another projection over the walls where it could be seen the textures I attained by modeling the thermoplastic for the fabrics that would form the dresses.

Quotidian reconstructions