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Descents (1991-nowadays)

I began this series overwhelmed by the images that the press spread about Balkan Wars, and by reinterpreting them as an echo of biblical iconography of pain. The series has passed through three different states, but only the first two have been exhibited. Also a lot of its stages have formed scenes that I’ve photographed as autonomous works (see Photography). The first state, finished in 1992, was showed at La Regenta Art Center in Las Palmas (1992) and in the Barjola Museum in Gijón (1993). The second state, finished in 2002, was presented at Hostelry Fonseca (Salamanca, 2003) and at Serrano’s Palace (Ávila, 2004). The third state is still under construction, and apart from reconverting some of the poses, I am also covering their surfaces with colored wax, providing a new anatomic modelling (see Works under construction: Compared anatomies).

Descents (Misse au Tombeau 1)