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Still lives and obelisks

Still lives, made in polychromatic thermoplastic, are a set of strange fruits and sweets. They came after the photographic works I did at the Botanical Gardens of Gran Canaria. I also completed this series with still lives painted on aluminium and that depicted fantastical objects inspires by the collections Prado Museum (Flint, Menéndez, Van der Hammen…etc).

The obelisks was a series of 10 menhirs with invented textures but with vegetal appearance. They are made in thermoplastic and with heights of 2,40-3,70 meters. These pieces were accompanied by 10 paintings on aluminium panels also with vegetal- or animal-like textures. This double series was the answer to an official invitation to participate at the Spanish Pavilion of Venice Biennale under the subject Art and Nature. However, in the end, these Obelisks were just exhibited at March Foundation in Madrid.